How will COVID-19 affect your stay at St Aubyn Estates Cottages?

Our COVID policies

Useful information

Bookings for 2021 can be made from 12 April. In the event that you're unable to come to St Aubyn Estates Cottages due to Government restrictions on travel, area lockdown, or being in isolation, we'll offer you a 16-month window in which to defer your booking. No charges will be added for the deferral and the price will be matched unless the holiday is moved from low season to mid or high season. No refunds on deposits will be given if you opt not to defer.

Arrival and Departure

All holidays start and finish on a Friday for Faraway Cottage and Bosistow farmhouse and Saturday for Corner, Cove, Three Chimneys and Higher Roskestal (except as agreed for out-of-season short breaks). Tenancies commence at 5pm on the first day and terminate at 9am on the day of departure. This allows us enough time to air the rooms and deep clean the cottages, in line with Government advice.

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